MR.OMAR on March 2nd, 2015

Update [1-may-2015]

New in Ver1.13 (paid)

  1. New icon
  2. Now the paid version produce three output instead of two – the percentage amount, the balance and the mark-up amount (total amount + percentage amount)
  3. New two Extra tools
  4. minor UI tweaks

New in Ver1.12 (lite)

  1. New icon
  2. minor UI tweaks

Original posts:

it’s been awhile, been slightly tied up with daily routines, but managed to start back into development worlds – especially since Apple introduce the Swift programming language on middle 2014.

Did some simple apps for IOS using Swift – Quick Percentage. The purpose is very simple, during shopping or working or anywhere else, and suddenly you need to get quick percentage from some amount and doesn’t feels like opening the calculator just for that simple tasks – then it’s a job for this app “Quick Percentage“.

One major advantage are the apps will automatically provide both the requested percentage value and the remaining value – for example if you want to calculate for 35%, the result will be provided for both 35% AND 65% (the remaining/balance value). And the result is updated real-time whenever you change any of the value – Total Amount or the Percentage.

It should be available on the Apple App Store by now, comes with normal version and lite version (with iAds). The links are available below..

Quick Percentage
Quick Percentage apps
Quick Percentage Lite
Quick Percentage Lite

Hope the apps will comes handy whenever required.

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MR.OMAR on April 2nd, 2013

I normally use Google Chrome because it has the feature “Print to PDF”, and I used it almost everytime during my works. It helps a lot reducing my printing costs, although some might argue that I could just copy and paste it into Microsoft Words and Save-as PDF, which is what exactly I did before. But since Google Chrome already have the feature’s built-in, so it’s far more convenient to produce the PDF with a few mouse click.

Unfortunately, creating a PDF from the “Print” option also brings another issues, it’s also includes all the unnecessary items from the webpages like the advertisements, menus item, and other stuffs that are normally included in the normal webpages.

The work around is to just select the contents that we required and use the “Print” option. Below are the steps.

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Currently the DNS services are hosted outside using Hosting services from other company, so the main target is to bring back the DNS services inside our office and using our own server.

We choose OpenBSD 5.2 for its lightweight and secure by default. Since we only have one machine at this moment (or maybe for quite a long time), we will be using the same machine to be our Web Server, and also our DNS server (which will acts as our primary and also secondary DNS server – by using alias on the network interface). This machine will be located in the DMZ zone behind the firewall – which we use Fortigate-60M firewall appliance.

The overall basic setup will looks like diagram below.

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MR.OMAR on February 4th, 2012

I am using Mid-2010 13″ MacBookPro. When the new Lion update 10.7.3 released, without any doubt I straight away installed the update, without doing my backup to TimeMachine… after the reboot, the boot process looks OK, until I try to check the “About This Mac” to verify the version… it crashed and bring me back to the login screen.. sadly all the other apps too… the MacBookPro was hit by the “10.7.3 CUI error” !

Did a Google on “10.7.3 CUI error fix”, I found this very informative website:, just my problem is, I didn’t have the latest TimeMachine backup and I do not want to lose my 5-days work (I was outstation and the TimeMachine disk was not with me).

I was planning to follow the guide from the website on using the Lion recovery USB and applying the MacOSXUpdCombo10.7.3.dmg Combo Update.
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MR.OMAR on December 4th, 2010

Got a request to repair/fix a PC running WindowsXP last week, as expected it was due to viruses and malware attacks. The viruses and malware has already been clean-up but the damages left the windowsXP in quite a bad condition. Although the the owner doesn’t mind re-formatting the PC, but it is better to try to fix it first.

Below are the damages detected when I first check the PC:

  • Several Pop-ups during start-up looking for a non-existing file (virus?)
  • Internet browser point all google and yahoo to
  • Windows Explorer start automatically during start-up
  • Regedit and msconfig command will appear in notepad application
  • defrag command also will appear in notepad application when executed
  • “Folder options” missing from Windows Explorer
  • Task Manager was disabled

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MR.OMAR on October 20th, 2010

I have previously used the services to produce Photo book using their Photobook Designer application on windows XP. On windows XP the application works fine. Now I’m using the MacBookPro with SnowLeopard. After downloaded the Photobook Designer application from the website, I straight away execute the application (Photobook Designer.dmg), the installation is quick, just drag and drop it into the Application folder. Once done, just go to the Application folder, and run the application.

First run, I received this error:

Error #1

PhotobookDesigner Err1

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MR.OMAR on October 11th, 2010

A user came the other day with a notebook running Windows7 Home edition. He asked me if we could recover the login password. The first thing (as I normally did) is to google for “recover windows 7 password”. Among the first page entries, was this website: – a list of “Top 6 Free Windows Password Recovery Tools”, then I remember I did used one of the tools last time to recover windows2000 login password, which is “Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD” –

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MR.OMAR on January 24th, 2010

A small project to start new year 2010, setting up my first HTPC or Media Center PC. This will be an ongoing projects as I will keep on improving the setup as time goes. Anyway lets start with my basic setup first.

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MR.OMAR on January 8th, 2010

Here are the procedure/steps that I used to fix the “famous” Seagate 7200.11 BSY problem, I had a few errors while executing the procedure, and manage to successfully recover the Seagate HDD – Hope the problem and workaround that I use can help other who might faced the same error.

A little introduction of this problem can be found widely on the internet – Google for “Seagate 7200.11 BSY”. There are two types of problem, one is the 0 LBA error where the BIOS still recognize the HDD but with 0MB drive, while the other one is the BSY error, where the HDD stuck in BUSY state (hence BSY) – In this state, the BIOS will not recognize the HDD anymore.

In our case, we have one Seagate ST3500620AS 500GB hit by the BSY error, to make things worst it’s an OEM drive installed in the HP IQ508D TouchSmart PC – so no direct support from Seagate and HP will just replace the HDD with a new one. Unfortunately we need the data from the Seagate HDD, so I started searching the internet for the solution (and yes we have to buy the “faulty” HDD from HP in order to keep and recover the data).

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At the office, we are using the Symantec Endpoint Protection (corporate edition) anti-virus solution. One day we realise that every computers running Windows XP Professional in the office is having an issue with low disk space. After a details check-up we found out that the Symantec is storing all the virus definition updates in the “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\VirusDefs\” folder and it will never gets deleted ! most computers will have at least 20-40GB alone in that folder. The workaround is by using this simple MSDOS batch file to actually delete all the TMP files in that folder.

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