MR.OMAR on August 1st, 2019

Finally after nine years my MacBookPro Mid-2010 battery has given up, and prompted for replacement compulsory required. As of that moment my MacBookPro Mid-2010 have this simple specs – 16GB RAM (from OWC, original was 8GB RAM), 1TB Seagate hard disk, the rest are the standard specifications with superdrive DVD writer.

Since I needed to order the battery replacement from OWC and the Solid State Drive (SSD) for SATA is at lowest price at this time, I think this is a great time to do some upgrade for the MacBookPro.

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MR.OMAR on August 10th, 2018

If your line of works involve in referring to Calendars a lot, especially counting days, weeks etc. Be it a teachers/educators to plan for students activities, Project Planner to schedule your projects, etc. IOS Apps QuickDay might comes handy to speed up your works.

One of the objective of IOS apps QuickDay are to make finding Week of the year as quickly as possible – including getting rid of the classic “OK” button. Every input in the apps will trigger results.

For Week information – if you select any date, it will gave you an instant Week number of that year and the day number of that year too. If you select the Week of that year, it will give you the start of the Date for that week of the year and the Day number of that year too. Same goes if you select the Day of the year – it will give you the Date of that year and the Week of that year.

Check out the video user guide below:

The IOS QuickDay Apps is available on Apple Apps Store.


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MR.OMAR on January 26th, 2018



Quick Day apps

Update Version 1.3 – July 2018
Fixed the timezone issue which causing some area off by a day. The issue is now Resolved.




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MR.OMAR on January 25th, 2018

Since iPhone X is still new and due to the price, not many of individual developer can afford that. Thats makes it a bit hassle to produce a proper video size for the App-Preview video for the AppStore as the iPhone X video size is 886×1920.

After numerous searching on the internet looking for a solution to re-scale my normal size App-Preview video to meet the iPhone X size, we found this solution:

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MR.OMAR on January 24th, 2018

One of my works involved in going through log files, either for troubleshooting or just a plain system checking. one of the system is using quite a unique filename to represent itself. It’s a data file for one of the system which will store every 10 minutes of proprietary data.

The filename will looks like this: 114_066_12_11, where the 114 represent the year 2014, 066 is the day of the year and the rest are the hour and minutes. In order to get the exact date of file, i will have to browse around looking for online converter to convert the 066 into actual date of that year.

So i decided to write a simple mobile apps to do just that, and it started to grow into an idea to make it a fully functioning with some added features… and then the rest are history.

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MR.OMAR on March 2nd, 2015

Update [1-may-2015]

New in Ver1.13 (paid)

  1. New icon
  2. Now the paid version produce three output instead of two – the percentage amount, the balance and the mark-up amount (total amount + percentage amount)
  3. New two Extra tools
  4. minor UI tweaks

New in Ver1.12 (lite)

  1. New icon
  2. minor UI tweaks

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MR.OMAR on April 2nd, 2013

I normally use Google Chrome because it has the feature “Print to PDF”, and I used it almost everytime during my works. It helps a lot reducing my printing costs, although some might argue that I could just copy and paste it into Microsoft Words and Save-as PDF, which is what exactly I did before. But since Google Chrome already have the feature’s built-in, so it’s far more convenient to produce the PDF with a few mouse click.

Unfortunately, creating a PDF from the “Print” option also brings another issues, it’s also includes all the unnecessary items from the webpages like the advertisements, menus item, and other stuffs that are normally included in the normal webpages.

The work around is to just select the contents that we required and use the “Print” option. Below are the steps.

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Currently the DNS services are hosted outside using Hosting services from other company, so the main target is to bring back the DNS services inside our office and using our own server.

We choose OpenBSD 5.2 for its lightweight and secure by default. Since we only have one machine at this moment (or maybe for quite a long time), we will be using the same machine to be our Web Server, and also our DNS server (which will acts as our primary and also secondary DNS server – by using alias on the network interface). This machine will be located in the DMZ zone behind the firewall – which we use Fortigate-60M firewall appliance.

The overall basic setup will looks like diagram below.

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MR.OMAR on February 4th, 2012

I am using Mid-2010 13″ MacBookPro. When the new Lion update 10.7.3 released, without any doubt I straight away installed the update, without doing my backup to TimeMachine… after the reboot, the boot process looks OK, until I try to check the “About This Mac” to verify the version… it crashed and bring me back to the login screen.. sadly all the other apps too… the MacBookPro was hit by the “10.7.3 CUI error” !

Did a Google on “10.7.3 CUI error fix”, I found this very informative website:, just my problem is, I didn’t have the latest TimeMachine backup and I do not want to lose my 5-days work (I was outstation and the TimeMachine disk was not with me).

I was planning to follow the guide from the website on using the Lion recovery USB and applying the MacOSXUpdCombo10.7.3.dmg Combo Update.
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MR.OMAR on December 4th, 2010

Got a request to repair/fix a PC running WindowsXP last week, as expected it was due to viruses and malware attacks. The viruses and malware has already been clean-up but the damages left the windowsXP in quite a bad condition. Although the the owner doesn’t mind re-formatting the PC, but it is better to try to fix it first.

Below are the damages detected when I first check the PC:

  • Several Pop-ups during start-up looking for a non-existing file (virus?)
  • Internet browser point all google and yahoo to
  • Windows Explorer start automatically during start-up
  • Regedit and msconfig command will appear in notepad application
  • defrag command also will appear in notepad application when executed
  • “Folder options” missing from Windows Explorer
  • Task Manager was disabled

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