I have previously used the www.photobook.com.my services to produce Photo book using their Photobook Designer application on windows XP. On windows XP the application works fine. Now I’m using the MacBookPro with SnowLeopard. After downloaded the Photobook Designer application from the website, I straight away execute the application (Photobook Designer.dmg), the installation is quick, just drag and drop it into the Application folder. Once done, just go to the Application folder, and run the application.

First run, I received this error:

Error #1

PhotobookDesigner Err1

I thought maybe the downloaded file is corrupted, then I re-download it again from the website, installed it, still the same error. OK time to sit down and look carefully at the error message.

The Error message:

Initialization Error…
Could not create the application support directory
‘Machintosh HD:Library:Application Support:Photobook Designer’

This looks like a permission issue, so use the Terminal and go to the “/Library/Application Support” directory, and found out that I might not have a sufficient permission to create a new folder in that directory.

For a quick solution, I did:
$ sudo mkdir "Photobook Designer"
$ sudo chown myuser "Photobook Designer"

Close the terminal, then re-run the Photobook Designer. Now everything works fine.

Another solution is, try look for how to run the application as administrator for the first time.

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