I normally use Google Chrome because it has the feature “Print to PDF”, and I used it almost everytime during my works. It helps a lot reducing my printing costs, although some might argue that I could just copy and paste it into Microsoft Words and Save-as PDF, which is what exactly I did before. But since Google Chrome already have the feature’s built-in, so it’s far more convenient to produce the PDF with a few mouse click.

Unfortunately, creating a PDF from the “Print” option also brings another issues, it’s also includes all the unnecessary items from the webpages like the advertisements, menus item, and other stuffs that are normally included in the normal webpages.

The work around is to just select the contents that we required and use the “Print” option. Below are the steps.

1. This is a common webpages that we are interested in.

2. and this is how normally I did to save a webpages to PDF for future reference. right-click on the webpages, and select “Print”.

3. This is the normal “Print” to PDF with all the advertisements and unnecessary contents that will crowds the webpages PDF output

4. To get rid all the unwanted items in the webpages, just mark only the required contents.

5. Right-click on the selection, then select “Print”.

6. The selected contents can now be saved into PDF.

Towards paperless environments.

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