Update [1-may-2015]

New in Ver1.13 (paid)

  1. New icon
  2. Now the paid version produce three output instead of two – the percentage amount, the balance and the mark-up amount (total amount + percentage amount)
  3. New two Extra tools
  4. minor UI tweaks

New in Ver1.12 (lite)

  1. New icon
  2. minor UI tweaks

Original posts:

it’s been awhile, been slightly tied up with daily routines, but managed to start back into development worlds – especially since Apple introduce the Swift programming language on middle 2014.

Did some simple apps for IOS using Swift – Quick Percentage. The purpose is very simple, during shopping or working or anywhere else, and suddenly you need to get quick percentage from some amount and doesn’t feels like opening the calculator just for that simple tasks – then it’s a job for this app “Quick Percentage“.

One major advantage are the apps will automatically provide both the requested percentage value and the remaining value – for example if you want to calculate for 35%, the result will be provided for both 35% AND 65% (the remaining/balance value). And the result is updated real-time whenever you change any of the value – Total Amount or the Percentage.

It should be available on the Apple App Store by now, comes with normal version and lite version (with iAds). The links are available below..



Quick Percentage
Quick Percentage apps
Quick Percentage Lite
Quick Percentage Lite


Hope the apps will comes handy whenever required.


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