One of my works involved in going through log files, either for troubleshooting or just a plain system checking. one of the system is using quite a unique filename to represent itself. It’s a data file for one of the system which will store every 10 minutes of proprietary data.

The filename will looks like this: 114_066_12_11, where the 114 represent the year 2014, 066 is the day of the year and the rest are the hour and minutes. In order to get the exact date of file, i will have to browse around looking for online converter to convert the 066 into actual date of that year.

So i decided to write a simple mobile apps to do just that, and it started to grow into an idea to make it a fully functioning with some added features… and then the rest are history.

This is how i use the apps to get the actual date for Day 066 of 2014
Get day 66 of 2014 using the About The Day apps

Now with this apps, i can just use it for that purpose, or other related with finding week, compare date duration, checking how old am i now, how long i have been married, etc.

The Quick Day IOS apps is now available on the Apple AppStore.

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