Since iPhone X is still new and due to the price, not many of individual developer can afford that. Thats makes it a bit hassle to produce a proper video size for the App-Preview video for the AppStore as the iPhone X video size is 886×1920.

After numerous searching on the internet looking for a solution to re-scale my normal size App-Preview video to meet the iPhone X size, we found this solution:

I have tried it, but i still got the normal 750×1334 video size, maybe i didn’t follow correctly. So, back to the internet looking for a good Video Editor to re-scale the video from 750×1334 to 886×1920. Don’t have plus can’t afford the FinalCut-Pro, although thats the best editor to do that job – you can actually just get the Trial version and do the job, but i’m looking for a more long term solution.

Then i found this great Open Source Video Editor apps – ShotCut – Open Source Video Editor

It’s quite easy to use, since i will only be using it for re-scaling video size this time. Run the ShotCut apps, then drag and drop your App-Preview video, there you should be able to see your current video size/resolution and aspect ratio, like sample below:

Original video size

Then you select the new required size – which is 886×1920, another thing is, that size doesn’t have a proper “standard” aspect ratio, so in this case i will have to put the same as the size – 886 and 1920.

App-Preview new size

After that, just click the “Export” to start the process.

The new video file will have the exact size that you requested.

New video size info

What it does is actually added a blank padded on the top and bottom of the video, like sample below:

blank padded added.

Another option is to create a blank video file with size 886×1920 using editor like FinalCutPro, then import your video inside it then export it to MP4 format.

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