Quick Day apps

Update Version 1.3 – July 2018
Fixed the timezone issue which causing some area off by a day. The issue is now Resolved.




Update Version 1.1
Now results will include the Zodiacs from Chinese zodiac calendar and the western zodiac.



QuickDay version 1.1 new feature - Added Chinese and Western Zodiacs



Original posts:

After numerous testing and tweaking, finally decided to put this new apps on the Apple AppStore – Quick Day.

It’s a simple yet useful especially for user who interact with calendar and planner or just for normal user who sometimes need to know when/how long it has been/how long will it takes from certain date.

The features has been expanded from the original purposes which i personally use to check on the exact date for what day of the year, into a full featured apps.


  • get the date for day-of-the-year, eg.: get exact date for day 115 of year 2018
  • get the first day of the week for the particular week-of-the-year, eg.: get exact first date for the week no.32 of year 2018
  • check how many days/months/years it has been or will it take to the new date which you can set by changing the date-scroll
  • in the case you prefer a different date as the Referral date, just tap the Change Referral button to change it.
  • for a quick dates comparison, just tap the “Date Range” button.
  • all action will generate Instant results, whenever you change something – like the day of the year, week of the year, or the dates scroll – the results below will be calculated without you needed to tap on any more button.
  • v1.1: Now the results will include the chinese and western zodiac
  • new features will be added as required/requested (if applicable) in the future.

I hope you will find this neat simple apps useful for your daily tasks. feels free to suggests any additional feature that you think might be useful for others too. I will try my best to include that in the future version.

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