If your line of works involve in referring to Calendars a lot, especially counting days, weeks etc. Be it a teachers/educators to plan for students activities, Project Planner to schedule your projects, etc. IOS Apps QuickDay might comes handy to speed up your works.

One of the objective of IOS apps QuickDay are to make finding Week of the year as quickly as possible – including getting rid of the classic “OK” button. Every input in the apps will trigger results.

For Week information – if you select any date, it will gave you an instant Week number of that year and the day number of that year too. If you select the Week of that year, it will give you the start of the Date for that week of the year and the Day number of that year too. Same goes if you select the Day of the year – it will give you the Date of that year and the Week of that year.

Check out the video user guide below:

The IOS QuickDay Apps is available on Apple Apps Store.


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