Finally after nine years my MacBookPro Mid-2010 battery has given up, and prompted for replacement compulsory required. As of that moment my MacBookPro Mid-2010 have this simple specs – 16GB RAM (from OWC, original was 8GB RAM), 1TB Seagate hard disk, the rest are the standard specifications with superdrive DVD writer.

Since I needed to order the battery replacement from OWC and the Solid State Drive (SSD) for SATA is at lowest price at this time, I think this is a great time to do some upgrade for the MacBookPro.

For a start I ordered the MacBookPro Mid-2010 Battery replacement from OWC. Unfortunately I can’t ordered it directly from the OWC USA since they have some restriction on transporting battery items via couriers. Thankfully I found a company in Singapore with online store that carry OWC products – SimplyMac Singapore, that were able to deliver it to Malaysia. I bought the NuPower Battery for MacBookPro 13″ 2009 and 2012 Unibody



The NuPower Battery replacement


For SSD (SATA), I bought the Patriot Burst 960GB – the lowest price I can get here was MYR399, now it has gone up to MYR429-449 depending on shops. It good enough to replace the existing SATA hard disk.



The Patriot Burst 960GB SSD SATA


With TimeMachine backup in place, replacing the harddisk to SSD is simple. Just replace the harddisk with SSD and boot from the O/S USB, attached the TimeMachine harddisk and select restore from TimeMachine, wait for a few hours, and then done.



The first phase: new Battery & new SSD


So first phase – replace the Battery and boot disk was done, now come second phase – Data Doubler. Since I rarely use the DVD/CD drive anymore, plus already have the external USB DVD writer drive, so I was thinking why not add another SSD 960GB inside.


OWC Data Doubler is also available at the, to save some time on shipment waiting, I ordered the OWC Data Doubler from and bought another Patriot Burst 960GB SSD (SATA) from local store at Plaza Lowyat, Kuala Lumpur.


While waiting for the OWC Data Doubler, I have formatted the new Patriot Burst 960GB SSD using the MacOS Disk Utility. Once the OWC Data Doubler arrived, following the guide from OWC on installing the Data Doubler on youtube, I managed to finish the installation in around 20 minutes.



The second phase: OWC Data Doubler with new SSD


Once everything is done, switched on the MacBookPro and Yes, the two SSD is recognised and ready to be used.


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