MR.OMAR on January 26th, 2018

Quick Day apps Update Version 1.1 Now results will include the Zodiacs from Chinese zodiac calendar and the western zodiac. Original posts: After numerous testing and tweaking, finally decided to put this new apps on the Apple AppStore – Quick Day. It’s a simple yet useful especially for user who interact with calendar and planner […]

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MR.OMAR on January 24th, 2018

One of my works involved in going through log files, either for troubleshooting or just a plain system checking. one of the system is using quite a unique filename to represent itself. It’s a data file for one of the system which will store every 10 minutes of proprietary data. The filename will looks like […]

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MR.OMAR on March 2nd, 2015

Update [1-may-2015] New in Ver1.13 (paid) New icon Now the paid version produce three output instead of two – the percentage amount, the balance and the mark-up amount (total amount + percentage amount) New two Extra tools minor UI tweaks New in Ver1.12 (lite) New icon minor UI tweaks Original posts: it’s been awhile, been […]

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